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My Coaching Story

Experienced. Certified. Compassionate.

I'm Michele Ogston and I'm honored to be part of your journey as you discover all the answers that lay inside of you.  I first began my practice studying through the Inner Life Foundation where I strengthened my spirituality and developed my intuition. I started my business in 2000 where I helped people build confidence and strengthen themselves from within.  After experiencing my own loss through the death of loved ones and divorce I decided to dedicate myself to encouraging people to live a life that is well balanced emotionally, physically, and spiritually.   I'm currently completing my certification in life coach training through, The Life Purpose Institute. I will receive my certification in April 2020.  I incorporate these skills into my practice with you.  Sometimes, in life, we are so busy it is hard to find time, energy and space to be able to sort through all of our thoughts.  It is my passion to be able to create a sacred space for you to be able to feel safe to process your thoughts and ideas and regain a sense of inner peace.