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My Coaching Story

"I had to be willing to let go of the life I had planned to be able to live the life that was meant for me."

"You're one decision away from changing your whole life."

~Michele Ogston, CLC

Michele Ogston has been nicknamed “the everyday empath coach” because she has a knack for blending the linear mind with the spiritual soul. She inspires empaths, introverts and soul driven people to recognize they are not actually stuck, but more often than not, they are applying the same set of behaviors & patterns to situations that no longer serve them.

After her own struggles with feeling stuck, she has dedicated her work to inspiring people to look within to find the answers.

Michele’s own life experiences with childhood trauma, PTSD, codendancy, and the “un-doing” of a religious upbringing 

provides her with a unique perspective and empathy. 

Her willingness to “lean into” your experiences with you helps you feel safe and not alone.

She’s on a mission to teach people how to connect from within by trusting their intuition so they can stop feeling lost and lonely and start living with faith and not fear. 


She holds certifications as a:

Intuitive Life Coach

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher 

EFT/TFT Practitioner

SoulFlowTM & Love Vibe Facilitator

Gottman Relationship Member


My Most Personal Interview Yet!

Get to know me on a deeper level and know "why" I'm so passionate about helping people find a connection within.
In this interview, I really lean into being vulnerable about my life's story and the trauma I've been through.
I hope this helps create a connection with others.

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