This is a FREE class all about becoming empowered and making a transformation!

This class is designed for people who are craving the knowledge to learn more about how to avoid the pitfalls of  "why did this happen to me?"

This class will offer you tools needed to let go of the shame and

bring peace, power and love into your life.

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The A.P.P.L.E. Approach

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • Take your life to the next level.

  • Learn your triggers

  • Set boundaries

  • Determining what you value

  • Understand your needs

  • How to get your self love back!

There will be live coaching too!


Michele Ogston, CLC

Certified Life Coach

Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

I designed this program based with the approach of self compassion mindfulness. In addition to being a certified life coach, I am also a mindfulness & meditation teacher.

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