My Coaching Story

One day you will tell your story of what you went through & it will be a part of someone else's story that helped them heal.

~Michele Ogston, CLC

I'm Michele Ogston and I'm honored to be part of your journey! I am a certified intuitive life coach life specializing in relationships & spirituality. I help people begin again by allowing them space to rebuild and heal from the destructive patterns that have been holding them back. Once you heal we can work on rebuilding the life you want and deserve by making healthy choices and setting clear boundaries

I first began my practice by studying through the Inner Life Foundation where I strengthened my spirituality and developed my intuition. People ask, "What does it mean to be an intuitive life coach?" Well, I have been studying intuitive practices and trainings for 30 years. I blend these practices into our sessions when it seems appropriate and with your permission.


I started my business in 2000 after experiencing my own loss through the death of loved ones and divorce.  I turned this pain into my passion! I decided to dedicate myself to encouraging people to heal from their own pain and live a life that is well balanced emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


Sometimes, in life, we are so busy it is hard to find time, energy and space to be able to sort through all of our thoughts.  It is my passion to create a sacred space for you to process your thoughts and ideas and re-gain a sense of inner peace.


What you will gain by working with me...

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in yourself and your decisions. Discover what has been holding you back, allow yourself to heal, and then have the confidence to begin again.

Honesty ~ starting right now

Life coaching works! But only if you are 100% committed to the process and be willing to be vulnerable. Life coaching has you pull back the layers and discover what is really keeping you from achieving the things you want out of life. This is why I offer a free consultation. I want to make sure we are the right fit for each other. During the consultation we can explore what we both expect from each other.



How do you know what you could do if you have no idea what you want? I'll help you remove the clutter so you can focus and spend your energy on the things you value.


to overcome emotional blocks or beliefs through a loving, supportive process
As a student of meditation and mindfulness practices I come to you from a place of purpose, intention, & without judgement. I offer you an insightful & intuitive approach

Open Book


In order to have results you need to know what you value. As a certified coach I have received specialized training in proven methods of success. The skills, strategies, & techniques I incorporate into our sessions set you up for success.


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