My Coaching Story

"You're one decision away from changing your whole life."

~Michele Ogston, CLC

I'm Michele Ogston and I'm honored to be part of your journey!
I am an Empath coach! I am certified intuitive life coach life specializing in life purpose & mindset. I help Empaths break the patterns that have been holding them back so they can live an authentic life filled with purpose and meaning.

In addition to being a certified coach, I also hold certifications in being a mindfulness & meditation teacher. I am a believer in the powerful and positive effects, meditation, mindfulness & mindset play in our lives.

I first began my practice by studying through the Inner Life Foundation where I strengthened my spirituality and developed my intuition. People ask, "What does it mean to be an intuitive life coach?"  I have been studying intuitive practices and trainings for 30 years. I incorporate an intuitive based approach into our coaching sessions when it seems appropriate and with your permission. 


Being an Empath myself, I am fully aware of the unique challenges and gifts we possess. It's my passion to empower Empaths to realize how special, unique, and powerful they really are.   

It is my belief that Empaths were put here to be leaders.  Our extraordinary ability to experience life through our feelings enables us with special gifts to use to our advantage.


I turned my pain into my passion after experiencing my own loss through the death of loved ones and divorce.  I had spent many years feeling like:  I was too sensitive, I was different, & I felt broken inside.  I felt like it was a "bad" thing to be soft  so I covered this up by pretending I was tougher and stronger than I was. I went through years of feeling the pain of being "stuck" in life. It wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I had let go of all the preconceived notices of myself and I began living my life fully.  I'm not surviving anymore; I'm living.

Having overcome, trauma & through the support of therapy I have dedicated myself to help people never feel "stuck" in life. 

We are always one choice away from changing our whole lives. 


Sometimes, in life, we are so busy it is hard to find time, energy and space to be able to sort through all of our thoughts.  It is my passion to create a sacred space for you to process your thoughts and ideas and regain a sense of inner peace so you can live life with purpose and meaning.

You can read my full coaching story here:  And Then I Had A Shift


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