What Clients Are Saying...

"My experience with life coaching was an unexpected surprise.  I'm in my 70's and I figured I knew all about myself.  I was wrong.  With Michele's gentle guidance and innovative techniques, I discovered I still had dreams and goals that were waiting to be fulfilled.  Michele helped me find ways to achieve these by using my own hidden powers that I'd forgotten I even had.  I'm forever grateful for the expertise, intuition, sensitivity and knowledge that guided me to a new future!"

Francis B.


"Michele is such a light in my life!  I had done previous personal development & spiritual growth work prior to signing up with her, but she evaluated my life in a way I couldn't have predicted.  She is 100% present and provided such a valuable perspective on life. Each session was tailored to meet my needs and goals, and I've been able to implement her suggestions with tremendous success.  I cannot thank her enough for the spark she created in my life and I am forever grateful for her guidance!  You cannot afford to NOT have Michele in your life."

Kathryn W.


"Working with Michele has been a life changing experience.  She has helped me reach new heights in my career, discover unknown strengths, and helped me on the path to engaging in and succeeding at long-standing personal goals. She is extremely personable and has the ability to connect quickly, uncover areas of particular attention and desire for growth, and begin working at whatever stage the process is in at the time.  She is honest, empathetic, and trustworthy! She is also encouraging, patient and insightful, while providing clear guidance and asking questions to help determine the best path in pursuit of positive life experiences and personal growth.  Her integrity and enthusiasm to provide positive assistance and feedback has allowed me to boldly and smartly move forward.  She made me happy and feel empowered in pursuit of my hopes, goals, and dreams.  I will thank her always for her continued support."

Michelle C.

"I made a lot of progress working with Michele. She helped me to get my life priorities in order and commit to taking care of myself and focus on who I really wanted to be. She helped me see past roadblocks that were in my way that I did not even realize I had the power to move past. I liked how Michele was encouraging and supportive but while also pushing me to stay true to goals and boundaries. Setting weekly intentions with Michele really changed my perception from a position of feeling trapped to one of feeling more in control and happy."

Jackie G.

MBA, Ph.D.

Michele I want to send you a quick note to say thank for an amazing coaching call today... you brought me such clarity. I feel calm and have so much clarity, and excitement to move forward.

Stephanie H.

Women's Empowerment Coach