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Weekly Life Coaching Group!

 I'm excited to announce, I will be offering

life coaching in a group setting in addition to my 1:1 clients.  

This is a pilot program so the cost will be reduced.

The group will be small to offer an intimate and sacred place. 

The group will meet weekly to work on:

  • Navigating your life as an Empath.

  • How to be a leader & not a martyr. 

  • Setting goals.

  • Weekly journal prompts.

  • Keeping on track with the right  mindset, mindfulness & meditations

  • Guest speakers​​​​​​

Support Groups!

Empath Support Group
1st Tuesday of every month
@ 5:30 (PDT)
Empath Support Group (4).png

Join the Empath Support Group on Facebook

Come and join the community on Facebook.

This is a private group so you can only use the link in the picture to find us.  It is a sacred place for Empaths to share, learn and laugh with each other.



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