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The Consultation 

A Great Place to Start
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All great journeys begin somewhere.

Emerson said, "the ancestor to thought is action"

If you are here the you are thinking about taking action in your life. 

The next step is to book a consultation to see how we can make that happen and what the best approach is for you.

The A.P.P.L.E.. Approach


This coaching plan was created from the 

"5 Steps Towards the Core of Transformation "class.

It's a self-compassion mindfulness program designed to create results around one specific concern.

  • A = Address all the areas of concern.

  • P =  Peace: Provide some peace back into your life

  • P =  Power: Pack some power back into your life:  

  • L =  Love: Self love! The glue that holds everything together.

  • E =  Eliminate the beliefs that no longer serve you and execute a plan.

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The Soul's Assignments Club

Weekly Empowerment Group

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 9.50.19 AM.png

 I'm excited to announce, I will be offering

life coaching in a group setting in addition to my 1:1 clients

(if you are working 1:1 the club is included).  

The group will be small to offer an intimate and sacred place. 

The group will meet weekly to work on:

  • Navigating your life as an Empath.

  • How to be a leader & not a martyr. 

  • Setting goals.

  • Weekly journal prompts.

  • Keeping on track with the right  mindset, mindfulness & meditations

  • Guest speakers​​​​​​

Join the Empath Support Group on Facebook!

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Come and join the community on Facebook.

This is a private group so you can only use the link in the picture to find us.  It is a sacred place for Empaths to share, learn and laugh with each other.