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The Consultation 

Where Your Journey Begins...
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All great journeys begin somewhere.

Emerson said, "the ancestor to thought is action"

If you are here the you are thinking about taking action in your life. 

The next step is to book a consultation to see how we can make that happen and what the best approach is for you.

The A.P.P.L.E.S. Approach

This 6 week coaching plan was created from the 

"How To Become An Empowered Empath"

class. It's a self-compassion mindfulness program designed to create results around one specific concern.

Week #1

Week #2

Week #3

Week #4

Week #5

Week #6

  • A = Approach:  Identify the concern and what is the best course of action

  • P =  Peace:  Construct a way in which you can have peace and clarity.

  • P =  Power:  Create a plan to find your power

  • L =  Love:  Self-love is the glue that holds thoughts into action.  

  • E = Establish: A plan of action for you to proceed with.

  • S = Set you free: Go out into the world and try the plan we have created. You have 1 follow up visit to use with 6 weeks.

Learn More About How This Approach Might Be Right For You!

Support Groups for Empaths!

The Soul's Assignments Club

Weekly Empowerment Group

 I'm excited to announce, I will be offering

life coaching in a group setting in addition to my 1:1 clients

(if you are working 1:1 with me you get the group for free).  

The group will be small to offer an intimate and sacred place. 

The group will meet weekly to work on:

  • Navigating your life as an Empath.

  • How to be a leader & not a martyr. 

  • Setting goals.

  • Weekly journal prompts.

  • Keeping on track with the right  mindset, mindfulness & meditations

  • Guest speakers​​​​​​

Empath Support Group
1st Tuesday of every month
@ 5:30 (PDT)

Join the Empath Support Group on Facebook!

Empath Support Group (4).png

Come and join the community on Facebook.

This is a private group so you can only use the link in the picture to find us.  It is a sacred place for Empaths to share, learn and laugh with each other.



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