The Soul's Assignment Club

a weekly coaching group!

Be the person who breaks the cycle.

Join the club where Empaths come to

receive life coaching on a weekly basis. 

This club was designed for empaths who

are wanting to have a deeper level of understanding themselves so they

can navigate their lives in a

healthy, peaceful and powerful way.

The club will help you:

  • Set boundaries & stick to them.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

  • Explore how the brain works to provide a deeper recognition of the journey you're on.

  • Not feel so drained.

  • Empower yourself so you aren't socially isolated.

  • Incorporate journal writing techniques

  • Implement mindfulness and meditation tricks.

  • Navigate relationship strategies. 

Plus there will be special guest co-hosts 


Being an Empath is your superpower.

Your soul has been assigned now learn how to thrive.

This is a paid monthly club that meets once a week.

To secure your spot just add your name to the list.

Once added, more information and an invoice for $50 to hold your spot will be sent to you.

Have more questions about the club before you commit?

Schedule a FREE meeting with me

to get to know me and ask all your questions.

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