It's your turn to connect to your infinite power within.

Have you ever thought that you had a special ability to pick up on things, but weren't sure where to begin?
Do you often have a hunch that turns out to be correct?
How many times have you know things without knowing how you would know them?

You might be tapping into your personal power!
There is something very sacred about your distinctive energy. You are what makes YOU magic!
Learn how to work with with your energy and make it work for you. This class allows you to connect to the abundance of power you hold.

Join me in this class to explore:
* Connecting to your own unique personal power.
* Learning what type of gift you have.
* How to work with power of numbers and signs the universe is giving you.
* Protecting yourself and your energy.
* The difference between a thought and a feeling.
* Creating a guide to help lean in and learn about your gifts.

There are no coincidences in life! There is a reason why you are drawn to tapping into your intuition. If you feeling called to this class, then I invite you to lean into that feeling!
Are you ready?

What People Are Saying...


"It was the class that unleashed everything for me. It connected all the dots in a way that made sense. I'm so thankful for this class."


"I'm so glad I found this class!  I have always wondered why I felt things and knew certain things with having any proof. Michele made it easy to understand. I fell like I can use these tools in my everyday life now."


"I was sceptical about the class. I was worried it would be too out there for me, but  it wasn't at all. I felt like things came together for me. I feel like I have a gift that is so unique to me.  I'm so at peace now because I understand what is happening around me."