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Meet Your Coaches

Guiding You on Your Journey!

Michele Ogston, CLC

Owner & Certified Intuitive Soul Coach

Michele Ogston is a certified intuitive mindset coach and owner of Cloud 9 Life Coaching. She has been nicknamed “the everyday spiritual coach” because she has a knack for blending the linear mind the spiritual soul. She works with soul driven people to recognize they are not actually stuck, but more often than not, they are applying the same set of behaviors & patterns to situations that no longer serves them.

Being a survivor herself, she’s on a mission to teach people how to connect from within by harnessing their personal power so they can cultivate the meaning they have been searching for in their life by learning to connect to people instead of attach. Through developing a deep connection from within she teaches people how to live a life not in fear, but in flow.

She holds certifications as a:

Intuitive Life Coach

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher and

EFT/TFT Practitioner

She truly believes you’re one decision from changing your whole life.

Dr. Kate Williams

Hello! I'm a burnout mentor with certifications in compassion fatigue, neurolinguistic programming, and mindfulness. A medical professional turned burnout relief expert. Not by chance, but from my own personal & professional experience with burnout with owning multiple businesses and serving others in a way that was unsustainable. Since then, I've researched and tested all avenues of burnout remediation and have developed an efficient and effective formula to turn burnout into a purposeful and fulfilling event. Apart from coaching, I continue to conduct my own research on burnout and present all over the country on the topic. I'm on a mission to help heal and support others so they too can move forward to create their own meaningful impact with those they serve. Who's ready to pull back the layers of burnout and find their own unique shine?

kate headshot.jpg

Altagracia Felix

Intuitive Trauma Coach

Altagracia Felix is an Intuitive Trauma Coach and the owner of R2E | Revitalize. Reinvent. Empower. She specializes in helping women heal their relationships with themselves and with others after intimate partner abuse. As a survivor herself, she decided that she never wanted to experience an abusive relationship ever again and her journey back to herself started. She believes that healing is absolutely possible and it doesn't have to take a decade to get there. Through radical responsibility, spirituality, and curiosity women can begin transcending their past.

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