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The Soul Tribe

For Soul Centered People.

Design Your Life with Intention.

The Soul Centered Tribe for Soul Centered people was created for people who feel like they live their life lead by their soul or want to.

Design your life with intention.

The Tribe will blend intuition practice with setting intentions that are aligned with each season:


Spring - Growth

Summer - Celebration

Fall - Insight

Winter - Spiritual Introspection 

monthly & yearly

memberships are available.

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Here's what members benefits include:

The Soul's Assignment Club

A monthly support group.

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Seasonal "Soul'Sation" Workshops

A workshop for every season.

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Guided Meditations

Available at your leisure 

guided meditations

Daily Inspirational Text Messages

Delivered right to your phone.

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Seasonal Intention & Intuition Forecasts

Guidance based on the season

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Free access to class recordings.