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How would your life change if you learned to receive more?


Get ready to allow yourself to expand and deepen into the energy of receiving.

I can tell you this class is just about money, but that would be a lie.

This class is about receiving in ALL areas of your life

You can step back and watch or you can lean in and expand. 

You choose.

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Expand into your infinite potential !


This live class will take place over two days!

Join us as we dive into the energetics of money and unlocking your potential to receive even more than you can conceptualize.

This class is for souls who:

Desire to anchor into the feminine energy of receiving.

Have an urge to remove blocks around money.

Crave a deeper understanding  about how your energy affects wealth and all other aspects of what you are receiving in your life.

All classes are 60-90 minutes and will be recorded.

Get to Know Your Coaches


Michele Ogston,
Certified Intuitive Soul Coach


Josh Massey
CEO & Founder of Loving Leaders

IJosh Massey has served hundreds of coaches over the years and led them to success in their coaching business. He now specializes in coaching high-achieving women on how to attract an abundance of coaching clients online by mastering the fine art of heart-centered enrollment & tapping into the universe. He teaches his students how to enroll with ease, grace & love.

Michele Ogston is a certified intuitive soul coach and owner of Cloud 9 Life Coaching. She has been nicknamed “the everyday spiritual coach” because she has a knack for blending the linear mind the spiritual soul. She works with soul driven people to recognize they are not actually stuck, but more often than not, they are applying the same set of behaviors & patterns to situations that no longer serves them.

Being a survivor herself, she’s on a mission to teach people how to connect from within by harnessing their personal power so they can cultivate the meaning they have been searching for in their life by learning to connect to people instead of attach. Through developing a deep connection from within she teaches people how to live a life not in fear, but in flow.

She holds certifications as a:

Intuitive Life Coach

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher and

EFT/TFT Practitioner

She truly believes you’re one decision from changing your whole life.

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