Are You Ready?

Start leaning into your infinite power!


A monthly class designed for your to harness your personal power on a deeper level


Presented by Michele Ogston, CLC
Certified Intuitive Soul Coach

A journey into self discovery using all different types of modalities. Each class is designed for you to lean into yourself a little more. This is a safe container to create community, cultivate a connection within, and infuse your life with a little zen.

Some of the classes have included:


Rune Making


Energy Clearing


Sacred Tea Ceremony

Wellness Workshop

Here's what to expect:

Art Healing Class (1)_edited.jpg

Here's what to will happen in our all of our

90 minute class:


Opening session and intention setting for the class

Guided prompts designed to help you explore your emotions

Journal writing

Guides mediation

Closing circle

Art Healing Class (1)_edited.jpg


Heart Shape

The Benefits of Exploring Through Non-traditional Methods

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Alleviates symptoms of depression

  • Improves  conflict resolution

  • Enhances social skills

  • Helps manage stress

  • Strengthens your ability to self-regulate

  • Provides a deeper understanding of of your

What People Are Saying


At first I was worried I would have to draw really well, but the way you explained the process really opened up the possibilities  for me. I learned things about myself I didn't know"


"This was an unexpected deep dive.  I really enjoyed expressing myself in another way instead of with words."

Natural Beauty


"This was an unexpected and pleasant awakening. I have done other healing classes before, but this stirred me on a different level." 

Your Invitation Awaits