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Are You Ready to Take Your Event To The Next Level?

Provide Your Audience With A Unique Experience Built Just For Them


"When you inspire you are acting of spirit"

Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is how I show up.

In spirit.

I don't consider myself a speaker, but more of a guide or mentor.

Do I speak on topic, yes, but what is provided is completely unique every time.

My goal is to serve YOUR audience in a way that highlights you or your organization, while also serving them at my highest & greatest capacity.

Every talk is crafted with your input to their needs.

 I have spoken on a wide range of topics and therefore, I have a wonderment of creations to choose from, but

I am also very intuitively led. 

My Goal in sharing with your audience is:

  • To take them on a journey

  • Expand their consciousness

  • Attune to their desires

  • Ignite a fire within

  • Create an impactful experience 

  • Unlock their true inner wisdom

Let's chat to see what that could look like for your next event!

A Few Of The Topics I speak About & Experiences I create :

Every talk includes an invitation to a meditation or visualization

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Message Matter

  • You are the magic

  • The Duality of You

  • How do you show up?

  • Raising your Vibration

  • Playing in the Polarity of Masculine & Feminine Energy

  • Co-Creating with the Universe - Manifestation is your Superpower

  • Leaning into Resiliency  & letting go  of the trauma that still shows up


  • A Stitch Circle - Creating Connection within a group 

  • A wish Meditation - A tangile way to connect to the frequency of what you desire 

  • Today is a Good Day! - Raising Your Vibration

  • Energy Management & Movement 

  • Reclaiming What Was Once Yours  

  • Who am i?

  • Cord Cutting Ceremony - A sacred ritual to let go after loss


These are a few examples of topics I speak about.

I like to say I help through the inside out!

Stepping out of fear, living in flow, and return to love. Really leaning into your spirit your intuition, the magic of you!


Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 1.08.54 PM.png

Dr. Kate Williams

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 1.09.06 PM.png

Paul Forchione, Speaker & Coach

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