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Are You Ready to Take Your Event To The Next Level?

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Provide Your Audience With A Unique Experience Built Just For Them

"When you inspire you are acting of spirit"

Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is how I show up.

In spirit.

I am dedicated to helping people find purpose and joy in their lives. my events, experiences, speaking engagements, and transformation programs are designed to give people the tools and confidence they need to take control of their lives and make positive changes.

Through my workshops, seminars, and retreats, I provide support and guidance to help people take charge of their personal development and achieve their goals. My mission is to help individuals reach their highest potential and live life with a newfound sense of clarity and joy. I do this by:

  • Taking them on a journey

  • Expanding their consciousness

  • Attuning to their desires

  • Igniting  a fire within

  • Creating an impactful experience 

  • Unlocking their true inner wisdom

Let's chat to see what that could look like for your next event!

A Few Of The Topics I speak About & Experiences I create :

Every talk includes an invitation to a meditation or visualization

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Message Matter

  • You are the magic

  • The Duality of You

  • How do you show up?

  • Raising your Vibration

  • Playing in the Polarity of Masculine & Feminine Energy

  • Co-Creating with the Universe - Manifestation is your Superpower

  • Leaning into Resiliency  & letting go  of the trauma that still shows up


  • A Stitch Circle - Creating Connection within a group 

  • A wish Meditation - A tangile way to connect to the frequency of what you desire 

  • Today is a Good Day! - Raising Your Vibration

  • Energy Management & Movement 

  • Reclaiming What Was Once Yours  

  • Who am i?

  • Cord Cutting Ceremony - A sacred ritual to let go after loss


These are a few examples of topics I speak about.

I like to say I help through the inside out!

Stepping out of fear, living in flow, and return to love. Really leaning into your spirit your intuition, the magic of you!


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Dr. Kate Williams

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Paul Forchione, Speaker & Coach

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