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Program Begins  january 2nd


There is no coach, program or leader that has the answers for you.

The expansion you get is based on where YOU are comfortable expanding.

Hint: It's more than you believe you're capable of

Experience what other entrepreneurs and leaders have come to hear me speak about!

Join me for a deeper dive into your "why" so you can harness your personal power in all areas of your of your life ~ not just business. 

Are you ready to lead from your soul?

Presented by Michele Ogston, CLC
Founder & CEO at Cloud 9 Life Coaching

This isn't your traditional business coaching
I'll open the door for you to :

What is Included:

3 months of mentorship container consisting of 
     2 1:1 per month
     2 group calls
Guided session and group calls to implement new ways of reaching your target markets, energizing you to take action, and specific proven methods to show up in your power.
Leadership kits sent to you filled with all sorts of magic.
Private Facebook community just for your container group to create a camaraderie and network.

Sign me up!


Q:  When is the start date?
A:  We will have our first group meeting at January 2nd at 12pm PST.
Don't worry if you can't attend. All group meetings will be recorded and available for you to watch the replay. This will just be the date for our first time together. Once you have signed up, we will be contacting you to check in on your availability and set up your 1:1 with Michele. We will do our best to accommodate everyone for group calls.

Q: Is there a deadline for signing up?
A: This mentorship container is accepting 10 people as part of the program. Once the 10 slots have been filled the registration will close. There is a price break for those who commits early.  Let's chat for more details.

Q: What if I'm just starting out?
A: The expansion that happens in this mentorship program is transformational.  It's for healers, coaches, mentors & all levels of leadership, entrepreneurship, and ownership. As long as you are ready to take things to the next level this program is for you!

Q: What if I still have questions?
A: There are a few ways to reach out if you still have questions. You can email Michele directly at 
or set up a expansion call to have your questions answered. 
Click here to book:  I think I'm ready but I'd like to know more


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