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Cozy Winter

Black Friday Specials!
Good through 12/2

For the 1st time ever I'm offering some black friday specials

There are some big expansions coming for 2023.

If you have been in my world or my work you know this.

This is your invitation to jump in now.

Why Wait?

Christmas Wreath

50% off Live Classes & Personalized Readings

Use Coupon Code 50

The Door Is Opening to


Come Walk with Me

Dare Yourself to Be Truthful with Yourself


"This year the door opens even wider for you.

I'm not here to tell you what your expansion could be.

I'm here to help lead you to it.

I'm showing up fully as me.

Will you do the same?"


XO ~ Michele Ogston

Where Mediumship meets Mentorship


Interview Only Program!

 5 Spots Only!

Watch a Little A Sneak Peak

Sound On!

Decoration Lights

'Tis the Season for more 

1/2 off All Self Guided Courses

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